Ostentation and Viscount

Two words that I’ve learned in the 10th episode of the first season of Forever. Due to my curiosity, I learned more. Viscount is the rank before Earl, but after a Baron. Then there’s another noble rank called Marquees or Marquis, then the highest one is a Duke. Nobility is different from Royalty, but that’s another page.

Ostentation on the other hand is defined as something boastful, showy, or just plain bragging in an obvious way. It’s a noun that shows that you are rich. Wait lemme check the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Oh there it is! Ostentation is an unnecessary display of wealth, knowledge, etc., that is done to attract attention, admiration, or envy

Who is Reginald Denny?

Did you know Reginald Denny? I don’t know him either, but my aunt told me about him so I now know him. Reginald Denny was an actor. He was a film and television actor as well as an aviator and UAV pioneer. In 1935, the first scale UAV was developed by him. Yep, he’s an inventor and an actor. Awesome right? And not just that, he was once an amateur boxing champion of Great Britain. Wow! He’s a sports enthusiast, an actor, and an inventor. He’s actually a genius!

Now why am I telling you about this? This just appeared in my mind suddenly because a good friend of mine asked me to search about UAV. I don’t know what he wants or why is she looking for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the Philippines, but I’m pretty sure he has a purpose for it.

Now that’s all that I wanna share. I just want you to know who the hell is Reginald Denny and what is his significant contribution in the history of mankind. Oh wait, before I end this post, I just want to thank all my dear readers for reading Webpage Memories after all these years. I may have not updated this blog as often as I can, but I’ll make sure to update this whenever I can and whenever I have time.

I’ll be sharing more biographies of interesting people in this blog, but not just that, anything that is interesting, not just people, but gadgets, and food, and everything that I can think of.

Galaxy S4 will be officially announced today!

Yep, that’s right! The most awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 will be officially announced today by Samsung Electronics in New York! I can’t wait to know more about the features, specs, price, and everything about it. My aunt Linda and cousin Jesse have been waiting for this Galaxy phone for quite some time now. Finally, it’s officially a reality! Just like the PS4 which was a myth back then.

Anyway, I’ll be posting more details about the super sexy Galaxy S4 once I hear from my friends who is in New York right now.

January 2013 and CES 2013

It’s now 2013 and CES 2013 featured a lot of super cool and awesome gadgets! New things that CES 2013 made me wow are the latest smartphones and Smart TVs. The one from Samsung that is 85″ big made me drool endlessly. Seriously, until now, I’m still drooling for that huge TV! And another one is the 55″ OLED TV from Samsung.

Sony and Panasonic also made the tech enthusiasts WOW! They both debut the world’s first 4K OLD TV! It’s the first and the largest! Now it’s time that I own one Smart TV at home.

There are also super awesome Ultrabooks and Laptops powered by Windows 8 that was featured at CES 2013. One of the few that I have my eyes on are the Samsung Chronos, HP Pavilion Sleekbook, and Lenovo Thinkpad Helix.

More updates coming from me soon!

Now, it’s December 2012, so what’s next?

It’s already December 2012. We’re still working on recovering our very old data back from our old server. Mike, the old server’s tech, said that there’s a slight chance that they can recover the data from the old hard drive where our site was previously hosted. But the chance is pretty small. It will cost around $3500 USD for data recovery and not all data can be recovered, just some. Too bad I didn’t have a daily backup of webpagememories.com back then.

Anyway, I’m still thinking whether to get all the data back from that hard drive or just rely to the Way Back Machine and just copy paste my old posts from my old website into this spanking new WordPress site.

Years ago, every time I update my site, I need a notepad and an FTP client. Every time I post something new, I edit it locally, then upload it to my server. There’s no PHP, not MySQL, no dynamic site stuff. Just plain old HTML. That hard drive that contains all my HTML pages are also gone. My old laptop where I have a local backup of my HTML files are also gone.

I wish that a few years ago, there are cloud storages like InSync, Google Drive, and Dropbox where I can just store my files in the cloud and by worry-free about it. Too bad, those services weren’t available back then. I should have a backup of those precious files or wait for a time machine to be invented that I’ll just travel back through time to get all those data that I lost back then.

I just want anyone to know that I’m still alive and I’m doing my best to pump-in oxygen to this blog and bring it back to life!

Webpage Memories is back online!

Finally! My website is back online! Our server crashed last month and all of my data was lost in oblivion. I’m trying to recover tidbits of data from cached pages in search engines and on Way Back Machine. I have a back-up of my database and files from my server, but my MAC was corrupted. The worst thing is that I don’t have a separate HD for my MAC files. All of my files inside my Macbook Pro are gone.

So now, I’ll start from scratch again. But I’ll try to populate this site about everything that I can remember back then. I have started this website last January 16, 1999, as my online repository of family pictures and chronicles of my life. There’s no WordPress back then and I’m still using Notepad and Microsoft Frontpage to edit my HTML files and upload it online on my file server. This site is pretty simple and static way back 1999, but now, it’s a dynamic database driven site powered by WordPress! Which is really awesome!

Oh well, Good thing I’m back on track! Thanks for everyone who are following WebpageMemories.com 10 years ago! I promise to keep this blog updated as often as I can. It’s easier now to update a website, not like the good old days, the days that you need to edit an HTML file and upload your update page via FTP, then download it again to make some changes, and upload it again once that changes are done.

More good stuff will be posted here soon! Watch out for it!