Webpage Memories is back online!

Finally! My website is back online! Our server crashed last month and all of my data was lost in oblivion. I’m trying to recover tidbits of data from cached pages in search engines and on Way Back Machine. I have a back-up of my database and files from my server, but my MAC was corrupted. The worst thing is that I don’t have a separate HD for my MAC files. All of my files inside my Macbook Pro are gone.

So now, I’ll start from scratch again. But I’ll try to populate this site about everything that I can remember back then. I have started this website last January 16, 1999, as my online repository of family pictures and chronicles of my life. There’s no WordPress back then and I’m still using Notepad and Microsoft Frontpage to edit my HTML files and upload it online on my file server. This site is pretty simple and static way back 1999, but now, it’s a dynamic database driven site powered by WordPress! Which is really awesome!

Oh well, Good thing I’m back on track! Thanks for everyone who are following WebpageMemories.com 10 years ago! I promise to keep this blog updated as often as I can. It’s easier now to update a website, not like the good old days, the days that you need to edit an HTML file and upload your update page via FTP, then download it again to make some changes, and upload it again once that changes are done.

More good stuff will be posted here soon! Watch out for it!