Now, it’s December 2012, so what’s next?

It’s already December 2012. We’re still working on recovering our very old data back from our old server. Mike, the old server’s tech, said that there’s a slight chance that they can recover the data from the old hard drive where our site was previously hosted. But the chance is pretty small. It will cost around $3500 USD for data recovery and not all data can be recovered, just some. Too bad I didn’t have a daily backup of back then.

Anyway, I’m still thinking whether to get all the data back from that hard drive or just rely to the Way Back Machine and just copy paste my old posts from my old website into this spanking new WordPress site.

Years ago, every time I update my site, I need a notepad and an FTP client. Every time I post something new, I edit it locally, then upload it to my server. There’s no PHP, not MySQL, no dynamic site stuff. Just plain old HTML. That hard drive that contains all my HTML pages are also gone. My old laptop where I have a local backup of my HTML files are also gone.

I wish that a few years ago, there are cloud storages like InSync, Google Drive, and Dropbox where I can just store my files in the cloud and by worry-free about it. Too bad, those services weren’t available back then. I should have a backup of those precious files or wait for a time machine to be invented that I’ll just travel back through time to get all those data that I lost back then.

I just want anyone to know that I’m still alive and I’m doing my best to pump-in oxygen to this blog and bring it back to life!